Week 2 overview

This week, we’ll continue our research into the climate crisis, reading a variety of sources. These articles will form the backbone of your research for WP#1, so as you read, you’ll want to be thinking about WP#1, and the focus of the argument you want to make.

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Welcome and Week 1

Greetings and welcome to WRIT 1122!

I hope each of you is doing well in these times of the pandemic. I’ve been teaching online courses at DU since 2011, which I mention because, as you know, this section of WRIT 1122 will be conducted online this quarter.

This announcement will provide an overview of the course, the workload, and the logistics of the course. Please read it closely.

This online section of WRIT 1122 is an asynchronous course, which means that we won’t meet as a class over Zoom, but rather that you’ll have relative flexibility while meeting the weekly assignment deadlines. I will communicate with you through email, and we will use the course website and Canvas to complete the work. On the course website, you will find the weekly overview, the syllabus, the weekly schedule, and the major assignments. Please read these materials first, and closely.

In Canvas, the course is organized by weekly Modules.  So, go to Canvas/Modules/Week 1 for this week’s material. Each week’s Module will contain that week’s work.  You’ll also find the readings, the discussion posts, the grade book, and so forth, and you’ll also submit your WPs in Canvas.

We will hit the ground running. As you’ll see, week 1 will introduce you to the rhetorical situation, and you’ll begin working on the unit on the climate crisis for Writing Project #1. For Week 1, note that you have several assignments due: two discussion posts, and multiple readings, including the course materials.

A few notes on logistics:

  • Do this now: Log in to Canvas, go to Account (left column) and then click on Notifications. Set the following to Notify Me Right Away: Announcements, Submission Comment, and all three options under Conversation. You’ll receive immediate email notifications for activity in these areas. You should also make sure that your email linked in Canvas is the one you actually use.
  • Your success in the course depends on your ability to work independently and to read closely the materials I provide. Get in the habit of reading everything I email and post on Canvas and the blog: it’s there for a reason.
  • If you ever need to contact me, please use email and I will respond within 48 hours (and probably much quicker than that).
  • I will put our course materials up on the course website and Canvas weekly. When notified, you should read the weekly overview on the course website and then work through the materials in that week’s Canvas module. If you set your notifications correctly, you’ll receive an email when I’ve done so.
  • Not everyone has high speed wifi, particularly those of you with younger siblings and family members also using the wifi at the same time. For this reason, the course will be asynchronous and won’t feature videos of me talking at you. That said, I will hold optional Zoom conferences periodically and I’m happy to schedule individual zoom meetings when you have questions that can’t be handled over email.
  • Don’t expect to receive individual reminders about late or missing work. I won’t hold your hand.

I am looking forward to the quarter and I hope you are too. Let me know if you have questions.

Yours sincerely,

Brad Benz


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