Week 10 overview

WRIT 1122 concludes this week. Peer review is due M 6/1 and  your final portfolio is due on Th, 6/4 (or earlier).

As I’ve done all quarter long with your WPs, I will read and respond to your final portfolio within a week. Once I’ve done so, I’ll post your grade in Canvas.

After you submit your portfolio, please take a few minutes and complete the course evaluation. And then go up to the mountains!

Thank you for your hard work this quarter.

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Week 9 overview

Nice work completing peer review of WP3. Your revised WP3 is due on Monday. Be sure to double check your memo formatting, incorporate the elements of the Rogerian argument, and please submit your self-evaluation along with the WP3. Then, we’ll focus on the final portfolio. The draft of your portfolio memo is due on Friday. As you work on it, you’ll want to think about which model of argumentation (Aristotelian, Toulmin, or Rogerian) will best suit your audience (the DU Writing Program Faculty) and your purpose.

Thank you.

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Week 8 overview

We have a few more readings this week (Doumont, the sample WP3s, and the memo format handout), and then we’ll focus on your drafts and peer review for WP#3.  As you brainstorm your topic, think broadly about your life and the organizations that you’re a part of. Certainly, you’re all DU students, so you might find an exigency as a student. But also think about the other aspects of your life, like your job, or student organizations or civic groups of which you’re a member. Then find a problem, which if solved, will improve the institution as a whole. If you’re struggling to come up with a topic, email me. As you write your memo, be sure to follow the Rogerian model, starting the memo by finding common ground with your audience.


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Week 7 overview

Good work completing WP2. We turn our attention to a new style of argumentation, the Rogerian model, one that is very different from the previous models. As detailed in the WP3 assignment, for WP3 you’ll locate a problem in your professional life, identify the appropriate professional audience (one person who has the power to do something about the problem, like your boss), and then present an argument in memo format. The Week 7 readings and discussion post focus on the Rogerian model. As you brainstorm possible topics for your WP3, feel free to email me if you have some questions. Thanks.

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Week 6 overview

We focus on Writing Project #2 this week. As you write your draft, remember your op-ed should not read like an academic essay for psychology class. It’s for the general public. For peer review, remember to read and respond to both of your group members. If one of your group members hasn’t posted a draft, read and respond to a different colleague’s draft. See Canvas/Modules/Week 6 for more.

I’ll be holding optional Zoom conferences this week. Conferences are optional but encouraged. Please sign up for a conference if you’re interested.

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Week 5 overview

We’ll continue to read and analyze more examples of op-ed articlesWe’ll also consider some advice on how to write op-eds from Carleton College. As you read, be thinking about your topic for WP#2, which is due in Week 6. If you’re debating a few different topics, feel free to email me and we can discuss your choices.

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Week 4 overview

WP#1 is due on Monday, along with a completed self-evaluation. Submit as a single MS word document in Canvas. We’ll begin working on WP#2 this week, which will be an op-ed (opinion-editorial) written to a public audience using the Toulmin model of argument. We’ll read some example op-eds, as well material on the Toulmin model, and Rose’s helpful piece “Writing for the Public.” You’ll want to begin to brainstorm your topic for WP#2. Please, don’t write about the death penalty, abortion, gun control, or legalizing drugs. Pick something more original. Thanks.

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Week 3

We continue the school violence unit this week, reading a few more articles and handouts, and then complete WP#1 drafts and peer review. Drafts of WP#1 are due on Weds, peer review on Friday, and then your revised WP#1 is due next Monday. As you write the draft, WCA Chapter 4 will help with your refutation, the claims machine handout will strengthen your claim, the working with sources handout and Purdue OWL will help with source use and MLA citations – and remember that you should rely on course readings to support your argument. Be wary of online “sources of convenience” (i.e. convenient google search websites with little academic backing or very short news articles) which are not persuasive with WP #1’s academic audience. I encourage you to sign up for an appointment at the Writing Center.

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Week 2

This week, we’ll continue our research into school shootings, reading a variety of sources, including the disturbing journal entries from Eric Harris, one of the Columbine shooters; a police report from a more recent Denver area shooting at Arapahoe HS; as well as an academic piece and some public audience articles. As you read, you’ll want to be thinking about WP1, and the kind of argument you want to make. Thanks.

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Welcome and Week 1

Greetings and welcome to WRIT 1122!

I hope each of you is doing well in these times of the pandemic. I’m mostly holed up at home with my 12-year-old daughter and our dog. My daughter is adjusting to her school’s online learning curriculum, and we punctuate the days by playing volleyball in the backyard, walking our dog, or practicing guitar. And then I wash my hands and get back online for the latest COVID updates. Such are the times.

For these reasons, I’m especially looking forward to the Spring 2020 quarter, which will add some normalcy and a welcome addition to our daily routines.  I’ve been teaching online courses at DU since 2011, which I mention because, as you know, this section of WRIT 1122 – and all DU classes – will be conducted online.

This announcement will provide an overview of the course, the work, and the logistics of the course. Please read it closely.

I will communicate with you through email, and we will use the course website and Canvas to complete the work. On the course website, you will find the weekly overview, the syllabus, the weekly schedule and announcements, and the major assignments. Please read these materials first, and closely. Your success in the course will largely hinge on your ability to read all of the materials closely.

The course is organized by Modules in Canvas. There is a Canvas/Module for each week. You’ll also find the readings, the discussion posts, the grade book, and you’ll also submit your WPs in Canvas. While you’re in Canvas, go to Settings and then click on Notifications. Set the following to ASAP: Announcements, Submission Comment, and all three options under Conversation. You’ll receive email notifications for activity in these areas. Please change your Notifications today.

For Week 1, note that you have several assignments due: two discussion posts, and multiple readings, including the course materials.

A few notes on logistics:

  • Your success in the course depends on your ability to work independently and to read closely the materials I provide. Get in the habit of reading everything I email and post on Canvas and the website: it’s there for a reason.
  • In Canvas, if you (still) haven’t, go to Settings and then click on Notifications in the left column. Set the following to ASAP: Announcements, Submission Comment, and all three options under Conversation. You’ll receive email notifications for activity in these areas. You should also make sure that your email linked in Canvas is the one you actually use.
  • In Canvas, the class is organized by Modules. Each week has its own Module (e.g. Week 1 Module). Use Modules to navigate the course when in Canvas.
  • If you need to contact me, please use email and I will respond within 48 hours (and probably much quicker than that).
  • I will put our course materials up on the course website and Canvas weekly. When notified, you should read the weekly overview on the course website and then work through the materials in that week’s Canvas module. If you set your notifications correctly, you’ll receive an email when I’ve done so.
  • Don’t expect to receive individual reminders about late or missing work.
  • Not everyone has high speed wifi, particularly those of you with younger siblings and family members also using the wifi at the same time. For this reason, the course will be asynchronous and won’t feature videos of me talking at you.
  • I will hold optional Zoom conferences periodically and I’m happy to schedule individual zoom meetings when you have questions that can’t be handled over email.

I am looking forward to the quarter and I hope you are too. Let me know if you have questions.

Yours sincerely,

Brad Benz




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